The grass is NEVER greener…

Many New Zealand Managers at the start of a New Year encounter this problem with staff members.

Whilst we all enjoy the Xmas / New Year holiday season – that first week back at work always highlights how much we enjoy our work – or not! Recruiters will tell you there is a seasonal spike in employees looking for new roles at this time of year.

One thing is certain – staff members who leave believing their new job is “the job of their dreams” are frequently disappointed. Employers able to manage the exit process in a positive manner are rewarded by the staff member speaking well of their time with the company and even being re-employed!

Some of the more common reasons for leaving are:

  • To work closer to home (most common in Auckland)
  • Outgrown the current role – no longer stimulating enough
  • Seeking career progression and professional growth
  • Better remuneration
  • Seeking better work / life balance
  • Don’t enjoy the work culture (or the Boss’s management style!)

If you are facing these dilemmas ­– see below for strategies to help you retain your valuable staff:

  • Consider the possibility of your staff member working from home 1 or 2 days per week
  • Does the staff member have the ability to take on more responsibility in the business?
  • Does the staff member possess supervisory / management potential?
  • Is the company paying current market rates – or below market rates??
  • Do your team members have to take work home?? Do you expect them to regularly work overtime??
  • When was the last time you organised a staff function – for some team building and fun?

You won’t always be able to retain your staffer – but you will give yourself new solutions to old challenges – and possibly a more streamlined and effective business model.

Hope this is helpful!

Annette Sleep

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